Job Security And Snow

  • Forecast at 12h30: Rain, 5°C, possible snow, no accumulation.
  • Conditions at 17h30: Heavy snow, huge flakes, 10cm on the ground (stairs where it doesn’t melt) and going strong.
  • Forecast as of this writing: Light snow, less than 1cm accumulation.
  • Forecasters: Still gainfully employed.

    Now that, my friends, is some kickass job security.

    That being said—except for cold feet because I wore some pretty light sneakers—having spent one month out of the last three and a half out of town under warmer skies, I’m kind of enjoying the last couple of snowfalls. Very badly “scheduled” time wise but it looks good while walking the streets and I missed a lot of what I really hate; the cold. I’m also remembering that we had no snow for Christmas so it “hurts” less, winter was basically pushed over one month later than normal.


mat April 12, 2007

it’s about time you got hit by one of our lovely storms!

had you been out of town for this one as well, i’d be signing up to be your permanent travel companion. ;)

Patrick April 13, 2007

Hehe. That’s for storms, I wasn’t so lucky with temperature, coming back from Cuba to 2 weeks of crazy cold wasn’t so good timing wise.

vieux bandit April 13, 2007

It was more Christmassy last night than at Christmas, that’s for sure. It made me want to open presents;-)

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