Job Security And Snow

  • Forecast at 12h30: Rain, 5°C, possible snow, no accumulation.
  • Conditions at 17h30: Heavy snow, huge flakes, 10cm on the ground (stairs where it doesn’t melt) and going strong.
  • Forecast as of this writing: Light snow, less than 1cm accumulation.
  • Forecasters: Still gainfully employed.

    Now that, my friends, is some kickass job security.

    That being said—except for cold feet because I wore some pretty light sneakers—having spent one month out of the last three and a half out of town under warmer skies, I’m kind of enjoying the last couple of snowfalls. Very badly “scheduled” time wise but it looks good while walking the streets and I missed a lot of what I really hate; the cold. I’m also remembering that we had no snow for Christmas so it “hurts” less, winter was basically pushed over one month later than normal.

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