Jackson Hobbit Coming Up?

I know some people who’ll be jumping up and down, Peter Jackson—he of the fantabulous Lord of The Ring films—is talking about making The Hobbit into a movie, complete with some of the same actors used in LoTR. A fan is way ahead of him (or looking for a job?) with a very professional trailer built with footage taken from the trilogy movies. Excellent.


John December 9, 2003

You think they’ll call it Lord of the Rings: Episode One: The Hobbit?

Patrick December 9, 2003

Lord of the Rings: Episode One: The Fantom Hobbit? ;-p

TheDon December 9, 2003

That trailer was annoying. Still… great find.

meh, Hobbit the movie? I don’t know. I’m in love with what Jackson has done so far but there’s a fine line between being amazing and then overdoing something.

A prime example of crossing that line is Star Wars prequels. I just don’t think I could watch a 3 hour film of Ian Holm and his taped back face pretending to be Bilbo. Tom Cruise might be a good pick, though. Isn’t he hobbit size?

lightspeedchick December 9, 2003

Your links are the number one reason why I need PC speakers.

Patrick December 9, 2003

Hehe, thx. Nice compliment :)

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