iPhone Reviews

I haven’t really read them yet and I’m sure most interested people have found them already but there you go, for my own future reference, iPhone reviews and (US) plan details.

  • David Pogue for the NYT

    From the skimming I did do, they all seem to like it and it mostly lives up to the hype.

    The plans are out, all unlimited data and starting at $59.99, not tooo bad. I’m surprised SMS isn’t unlimited too but, you know, can’t get them to catch up to Europe in one go I guess.

    Interesting detail, it seems you will activate through the iTunes Store so you can just pick up a box, go home and complete the process there. Nice.

    Now for Canada, when Steve? When?


Zelaurent June 28, 2007

Ha, je l’attends avec impatience cet iPhone. Je vois que je ne suis pas le seul au Canada. Avec un forfait data illimité, ça sera l’outil idéal de communication. Si tu le vois passer à Montréal, fais-moi signe ;)

Patrick June 28, 2007

Tu peut être certain que je vais en parler quand ça arrive mais je m’attend à attendre un bout avant de voir les iPhones vendus par ici.

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