In The Meantime

I plan on writing a bit more about how I plan on having a good year and getting more done while having more fun, haven’t gotten around to it yet though but in the mean time, this is the gist of it :

Do Epic Shit

  1. Hi Patrick I have an EPIC project proposition for you: Volunteer your expertise to Mobilisation Turcot in their fight for a halt to the plan to rebuild the Turcot interchange on top of 400+ peoples’ homes in St Henri… The same thing happened back in the late sixties (… 40 yrs later and this is the best they could come up with? Urban planners, architects, community activists and citizens are calling for the complete redesign of our transportation network with the focus on sustainable mobility solutions.

    We need people like you to help design a platform (blog/wiki/?) to showcase possible alternates and to facilitate a city wide discussion on why this is important now. Experts say that this is a not to be missed/once in a lifetime opportunity for a major redesign of the Montreal infrastructure. Can you help before the Ministry of Transport brings us to the point of no return?

    Check out: and and

    Hoping for an epic change towards sustainable mobility in 2009 !

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