Great Apartments

A couple of weeks ago I watched part of The Bridget Jones Diary and I noticed two things; 1. Bridget/Renée isn’t “fat”, she’s more along the lines of “normal”, I thought she was supposed to be fat. 2. Hugh Grant’s character has a great apartment. That second part reminded me of a post I had in mind, “Great apartments from the movies”. I thought I had more but off the top of my head, some great ones I remember (random order).

  • Will/Hugh Grant’s (again) in About A Boy. Kind of a loft space, great decorations.
  • Finn/Ethan Hawke’s in Great Expectations. Ginormous loft with great windows on two sides.
  • The MacLeod’s round room in Highlander.
  • We didn’t see much of it but Sam/Ewan McGregor’s place in Stay looks great. (might just be because I saw it two days ago though).
  • Crown/Pierce Brosnan’s jamaican house in The Thomas Crown Affair.
  • Anna/Julia Robert’s in Closer (I think, or was Owen’s?).

    Which did I miss (obviously a lot), what are your favorites?


edemay July 25, 2006

Tyler Durden’s big cabane.

aj July 25, 2006

* The Skywalker farmhouse on Tatooine, which is actually a real house in Tunisia.
* Ewan McGregor’s all-mod-cons “seduction” apartment in Down With Love.
* Renee Zellweger’s airy loft, same movie (which was a riff on Shirley MacLaine’s apartment from Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
* Actually, all the sets in that movie.
* Eva Marie Saint’s Chicago hotel room in North By Northwest (with that embroidered tree mural)
* Deckard’s apartment in Blade Runner – filmed in the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Ennis House in LA. The same house can also be seen in several other films, including The Thirteenth Floor.
* Patrick Huard’s house in J’en suis—which is that real concrete-and-galvanized-steel house on Marie-Anne street not too far from the Main.

aj July 25, 2006

doh! i meant Audrey Hepburn, not Shirley Maclaine. (Thinking of the actual movie, The Apartment, with Jack Lemmon)

AlexAtNotesonCinema July 25, 2006

James Woods’ in “Videodrome”!

Heather July 26, 2006

Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney’s Brooklyn apartment in Noah Baumbach’s Squid and the Whale.

daviel July 27, 2006

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Emily Mortimer’s London apartment, in “Match Point”, from Woody Allen. That’s exactly where I want to live.

myriam July 28, 2006

I have to say that the apartment in Stay looked nice to me too.

The big house in The Last Days was quite cool, even if it’s not an apartment. (more like a castle…)

Midge apartment in Vertigo was so fun.

Anything modern with big windows would do the thing, in any big city of the world, in fact.

Julie July 30, 2006

Random bit of information: for artistic purposes, Renée put on about 20 lb. to do Bridget. I mean, the sacrifices! And, to be sure we all knew that she put on weight for the role, she made sure to shed, like, 50 lb. afterwards. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the Academy…

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