Great Apartments

A couple of weeks ago I watched part of The Bridget Jones Diary and I noticed two things; 1. Bridget/Renée isn’t “fat”, she’s more along the lines of “normal”, I thought she was supposed to be fat. 2. Hugh Grant’s character has a great apartment. That second part reminded me of a post I had in mind, “Great apartments from the movies”. I thought I had more but off the top of my head, some great ones I remember (random order).

  • Will/Hugh Grant’s (again) in About A Boy. Kind of a loft space, great decorations.
  • Finn/Ethan Hawke’s in Great Expectations. Ginormous loft with great windows on two sides.
  • The MacLeod’s round room in Highlander.
  • We didn’t see much of it but Sam/Ewan McGregor’s place in Stay looks great. (might just be because I saw it two days ago though).
  • Crown/Pierce Brosnan’s jamaican house in The Thomas Crown Affair.
  • Anna/Julia Robert’s in Closer (I think, or was Owen’s?).

    Which did I miss (obviously a lot), what are your favorites?

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