GoogleOS Might Be on the Way

Looks like Jason called it more than a year ago. Describing what he called the WebOS (or GoogleOS in one of the options) seems to be on the way with some code found in Google’s new version of Writely which would let you save local versions of your documents being edited through their web app. He went further by actually having the app work offline locally but after building such a complex ajaxy app and then making it save locally, wouldn’t be a big thing to have it copy itself locally and self update as needed when used online.

I’m not a big fan of the whole online office thing, I need to have everything available offline and I can’t see myself with data unavailable when away from a connection, this would take care of it and some of the newer webapps certainly are functionally advanced enough to cover my needs and would be cheaper (free) and wayyyy lighter than Microcrap Office.