Google Defence

In the last two days Microdoc News has come out with a two part series defending Google against the latest “attacks” that have been accusing the search engine of being broken, of displaying to many blogs at the top of various search results. He makes a few good points, including the composition of the search string that might sometimes be biased and the fact that although they might not always agree bloggers are sometimes the best result available.

But I think in some parts it borders on Wineresque in the way it keeps accusing Jason who just happens to be the latest in a string of people raising the question. Sure, he’s high profile and thus might have the biggest impact when he says Google is broken but in some ways I have the feeling it’s also a bit of trolling on Microdoc’s part to go at it so hard. Just a feeling. It’s too bad too because the article could have made the same points as validly without being on the attack (or I guess you could say defence) so much.