Good Ideas… or Not?

For the last few weeks I’ve been pretty busy. I had a couple of contracts going on, various meetings and, well, it was nice outside.

I was also attending classes. Whaaa?? Classes? Yup, I was let in a nice little program that helps out freelancers (travailleurs autonomes) for a year. In exchange for some monetary tidbits coming your way you have to follow some classes and complete a business plan. There are a few groups doing that and 10-20 people in each group.

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this is I’ve had a couple of ideas related to that and I’d thought I’d float them here—to the 4-5 people still reading. I guess, haven’t checked the logs since May, yeah me—, see if I’m delirious or on to something.

Idea one: Most of the people I’ve mentioned the program to are either interested for themselves or for a close friend. Seems there’s a huge load of current or potential freelancers. Since while attending said classes I ear about a lot of stuff like other programs, ressources, tricks, etc. I thought I might start a new section either on this blog or on my business site and blog about the stuff I find, kind of like Caterina’s bizwerk. Any takers?

Idea two: Amongst the other “students” there are some interesting and—as far as I can tell so far—talented creative people. Graphic designers, 3D CAD guys, communication, post-production, sound editors, etc. One of the things we’re being told about is how to and why you should network (duuuhhh!!). Funky CSI zoom in to my head; networking, creatives, reading messages from the mailing lists I’m on, shake, add water. Whooo. Why not a mailing list for those people?

So I’m thinking of inviting some of the “creatives” I think are doing good work and seem dynamic to participate in a mailing list. It would be invite only, just so we can keep it to a certain level/attitude/size. Only freelancers or 1-3 people companies, only in web (visual and code), design, communications, maybe sound, video, movies. When you (you being a member) hear of something interesting in those fields or someone you know is looking for such a creature, you send the info on the list (which might be an announce only, not a discussion), interested parties contact the person looking.

Kind of half way between a direct referal to someone you recommend and just random encounters. By being invite only you can keep a certain level of competence so then you might tell someone “I have this bunch of people, I don’t know all of them but they’ve been recommended, want me to drop your requirements in there, see if you find a good candidate?”.

So, a few questions:

  1. Any problems I’m not thinking of?
  2. If you fit in there, would you be interested? (you can also e-mail me)
  3. I haven’t looked but there’s a good chance some such thing already exists (local though). Where?
  4. Can an invite only setup work?
  5. Am I just helping potential competitors or would it help more than hinder?
  1. etc.

    Thanks for any and all thoughts.

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