Finding More Money

Jobs decides to go at it alone and gives up on Pixar distribution deal with Disney. A good move in my opinion, I think he can get a much better deal with someone else, all the studios will be lining up to offer them their first born. Do you know of any other film makers with no misses? Lasseter and the Pixar crew have had success after succes so far and although Jobs isn’t the creative brain behind the movies this is where he will shine, dealing some studio to a favorable deal for his company.


lightspeedchick January 31, 2004

No misses? Well maybe, but I’m sure after a while the “keep releasing the same movie over and over again” formula will get old.

Patrick January 31, 2004

Huh? Same movie? I don’t think so. In each movie they’ve got a couple of heros having an adventure and are damn funny. That’s about all that’s the same.

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