FIA unveil the CDG Wing

I’ve mentioned it before, the FIA worked with AMD to try and find a solution to the lack of overtaking in F1. I was sceptical but it seems they have found a direction with the Centreline Downwash Generating (CDG) Wing.

In itself it almost looks like a joke and I’m wondering how the engineers will manage to make that strong enough without the center post holding the whole thing. However, looking at this image:


The benefits would certainly be there. It actually almost like the leading car will generate downforce for the car behind! Coupled with slick tires it could make for good racing.

I’m really hoping BMW keep Villeneuve, more overtaking, slick tires and the advantage of the leading edge full size wind tunnel they have with such a change would be a great chance for him to show he’s still got it. I’m wondering myself if he does but I’d sure prefer finding out for sure to him leaving on a low note like this year.