Fall Shows II

I already did a quick runthrough of fall shows but Fox didn’t have their fall lineup online then, they do now. Nothing interesting, The O.C. as already started and is only mildly entertaining, mostly in a hee hee, look at the rich people kind of way. I did notice two shows though but not because they look like something I’m going to watch.

First is Tru Calling, I knew there were various possible projects for Eliza Dushku, Buffy’s Faith but I wasnt aware she had actually started work on something. Too bad it’s virtually the same show from a few years back, the one with the guy getting the paper a day early. Bleh.

The other one looks even worse, Wonderfalls is a… hum, well the creators describe it themselves as “Touched by a Crazy Person”. Bleh again. The reason it drew my attention though is that it stars gorgeous Montréal native Caroline Dhavernas. I had no idea she was doing that and wonder how the heck she went from local movies to starring in a Fox show?

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