Ever Heard of Testing?

Just heard a radio spot to promote Yellowpages.ca, they say that if you search for “hot chocolate in Montréal” on a regular search engine, you might get; voice of a Barry White simile offering his s7xual services. BUT if you search for “hot chocolate in Montréal” on Yellowpages.ca, you get only the most relevant information. It closes by saying that you should use their service if you “want to get chocolate in a cup, not a g-string”. Riiiiight. Let’s see:

  • Google everything on the first page is relevant and possibly useful, no pr0n there, even the Craig’s List one is perfectly fine. (and that’s with the SafeSearch filter off)
  • Yahoo a lot less useful if I may say so but still all fine. Why the hell is Roxane’s old url first though, I have no idea.
  • MSN even less useful but still ok.

    Now, let’s try the so highly touted Yellow Pages and…. nothing! At the moment of writing, not only do you have to separate your keywords from the location, there are no results. Well done guys.

    Now, I’m not promoting the “classic” search engine, I would like to have had a more precise result with only related businesses, I’m just floored that they would advertise with an example that they, seemingly, haven’t even tested. Again, well done.