Elric movie

I posted about this a while ago but Greg’s Previews just put up a page to follow the development of the project. I say again: please please please make this as well as LoTR, the director would be my new personal heroe.


lightspeedchick August 4, 2003

Yeah well, this idea has been poking about for a while, and like he says, it’s unlikely we’ll see anything in theaters before a good 5 or 6 years. And by then Jude Law will be… well, so 2003!

Mr. Moral August 11, 2003

AS a fan of the Elric series and the Eternal Champion series I am not holding my breath for this. Lord of the ring remains a fantasy story while Elric ( Stormbringer ) is the tale of a incomplete anti-hero hell bent on changing its destiny while realizing it cannot. In the mean time friends and foes alike are killed by Stormbringer the demon sword. The duality between the demon and Elric ( and his inability to make do without the demon ) is the essence of the book(s). Killing, tragedy, despair is much more personal and close to home for the kin slayer.

Patrick August 12, 2003

Good points Mr. Moral but it doesnt mean it cant be done, just that the atmosphere is going to be very important and the director has to be weary of not falling into the “too much cg” trap and to keep a close eye on how he portrays the darkness and despair of Elric.

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