Easy As Pie

I mentioned it here before but I’m still impressed so I say it again. Here’s a message I got on initial boot up with the Powerbook:

If you are already using a Mac equipped with FireWire, all the important information from the old Mac can be automatically transferred to this new one. To do this now, you will need to connect your old Mac to your new one using a FireWire cable. The information on your old Mac will not be affected.

Follow 3 easy steps, wait a few minutes and voilà (or whalaa as some Americans say), the new Mac knows everything the old Mac new and you’re ready to go. I unchecked the “Applications” folder and re-installed “by hand” because I didn’t want to keep some things but other than that, everything’s fine. Sweeeet.

Plug: I bought it at Mac Clinic which Steph had recommended over a year ago. They are as easy to do business with as their web site sucks so that says a lot. ;)