Thanks to Visa reward points I am now DVD equiped, let the frivolous spending and wishlist madness begin!


Martine October 14, 2003

What will be your first rental or purchase? It’s always telling…

Patrick October 15, 2003

The first rental wasn’t influenced by the availability of a dvd, it was Narc and The Good Thief, I would have seen both earlier but they weren’t in stock last time I checked.

The first purchase though might be Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. What is that telling you? ;)

Martine October 15, 2003

It’s telling me we like the same things, as I always thought my first purchase would be Crouching Tiger! I still haven’t bought it though and I ended up ordering YiYi (by Edward Yang, one of my all times favorite) mostly because it wasn’t available for rental on DVD. I don’t buy a lot of films on DVD unless it’s justified by a writing project (for research, inspiration, etc).

Patrick October 15, 2003

Funny :)

I’m hoping to restrain myself and keep the dvd purchases to a minimum, we’ll how that goes. But I’ve seen specials at 15$ so it might be hard to resist.

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