Does AdSense Make Sense?

Anil with some interesting numbers and questions concerning Google’s AdSense program. I didn’t realize per click paiements went so high (15$!!) and like many others I also wonder at how they make their decisions when it comes to letting someone use the program or not.

His example comparing himself with Steve Berlin Johnson I think is an especially good one and also makes me wonder when they do their evaluation how far in the archive and content (some people have a lot more content then their simple blog) they delve and wether it affects the choice or not. For example, they mention that if your site “provides a product or service, we may consider it for participation”, depending on when you visit Steve’s site sometimes he speaks of varying subjects but often he previews or asks for input on his books. Depending on when he makes the demand and how far the Google person goes in the archives it can look like he’s offering a book (which means he provides a product) or not. Would he get accepted in both cases?

Looking forward to some more detailed rules and transparency on Google’s part.


Karl Dubost September 22, 2003

I wonder also if they manually check all individual people and if keep going checking. Because you can use the ads put them on your site and put a display: none with CSS. You can even generate a clicking machine depending on your visitors.

Patrick September 22, 2003

Not sure why someone would get the ads and then hide them but I see your point, they could do what they want afterwards if Google isn’t checking. They must do only random checking, I dont see how they could cover the whole thing.

As for the clicking machine, I can’t remember where but I’m pretty sure I’ve read that they have various systems in place to assure that you wont sit there and click the links so I guess a clicking machine would also get spotted no?

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