Django Book Written Online

Adrian Holovaty and Jacob Kaplan-Moss are writing a book on Django and are doing so on public in a nifty site where they will be posting chapters on which anyone can add comments. Very well done implementation wise, looking forward to seeing if it proves productive or not.


hugh November 2, 2006

cool, i’m planning something a bit similar about librivox …

Patrick November 2, 2006

Great! Maybe Adrian will open source the code and we can set you up with something like it.

Hugh November 3, 2006

I’ll send him a note & see…otherwise, that’s what the new weblog’s for.

Alexandre November 3, 2006

Doh! I thought it was about Django Reinhardt! ;-)

Antoine November 5, 2006

“Chances are someone made a mistake and now you can’t view the site. We assure you that a suitable scapegoat will be found and severly beaten.”

huhuh.. I will check back later.

Patrick November 5, 2006

Hehe, funny. It’s back up now.

Antoine November 6, 2006

Very nice, I like how each block of text can get commented on.

Book 2.0!

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