1. I love Linklater’s work, especially Before Sunrise, which captures the essence of youth and travelling (and the whole short-lived love affair thing). The funny thing is, I don’t even think he likes this movie very much!

    Oh, and you spend way too much time on IMDB! ;-)

  2. It’s worse than that Martine, I actually didn’t spend all that much time on IMDB for this post, I made all the connections while looking at the movie, I just added the links to show others. I had no idea Deena Martin was named Deena Martin but I did realise she was in both movies while watching Dazed.

  3. Nicky Katt was also great in The Limey (with Terence Stamp), Joey Lauren Adams was in Chasing Amy for chrissakes! Hardly minor (at least among us fans of Jay and Silent Bob.). Adam Goldberg was very, very briefly on a too-hip sitcom about bike couriers,and Alex Desert was in that 1990s The Flash TV series, in addition to playing in several Hollywood punk-ish bands (as noted in a 1990s ‘Kyle and Evan: Critics at Large’ comic strip from the now-defunct Reflex Magazine! Wow! Is that like the ultimate obscure reference,or what?)

  4. Yep. Yep. Yep. I knew about those but didn’t want to start listing all noteworthy projects they were all involved in. Thanks for the ultimate obscure reference though, makes me look almost normal in comparison! ;)

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