Dawson Shooting

As all Montréalers (and a lot of people around the world I’m sure) have heard, there was a shooting at Dawson College. The crazy idiot was 25 so out of the of the “perturbed high-schooler” range and wearing a black trenchcoat. A trenchcoat! Dude, that’s soooo 20th century.

Something that surprised, or impressed, or revolted a bit, or… I don’t know but some students fled the cafetaria only to go up the stairs to the third floor and stare back down at the shooting scene.

Another witness said students began snapping photos and capturing videos from their cell-phone cameras as they watched the scene from a third-floor balcony.

That’s when the gunman put a scare into them.

“The shooter sees us — and he shoots upwards,” said Gianni Petrella, 17.

I like on the scene citizen journalism as much as the next guy but that one’s strange to me.

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