Coworking and SF Update

Ok, I’ll have a number of other things to blog but I’ll start with a coworking update. First stop was Workspace in Vancouver, spent a couple of work days there spread over 3 actual days. Fantastic place and view, very professional installations, met a couple of people like Dave Shea, KK, Roland Tanglao and a couple of others at the Bryght offices (another gorgeous space and you can see one from the other).

Next up was Citizen Space, Chris and Tara ’s office and coworking space (also met Ivan who’s one of the anchors), I worked from there Tuesday (proof) and that’s it so far (might go back this afternoon). Lovely place too, superbly located for their clients and a bunch of quirky little decoration details makes it nice and friendly. It’s close to South Park where I had lunch with Sara (who works at Frog Design around the corner)… outside at a picnic table. So how come I wasn’t at CS more then?

I blame the cold and snow (don’t I always). It’s been just gorgeous weather around here since the plane touched ground, hit 20C one day and 18-19 a couple more times, even the forcasted “rainy” day yesterday was barely cloudy so I’ve been walking The Mission and trying out cafés instead of “Muniing” downtown.

Since being in San Francisco some late deliverables were finally sent to me on top of the pre-planned stuff so I’m swamped which means that’s what I’ve seen of the city so far; what lies between our kick ass apartment (thx Martine for all the research, wish you were here) and cafés with wifi. That was the plan but maybe not quite so much of it. (Although I did make a quick pilgrimage to The Apple Store)

Last thing, I already mentioned The Mission and let me tell you, it’s The Plateau / Mileend with hipster turned up to 12. Not as in better but as in more. More cafés, more bookstores (posts on that soon), more pseudo vintage – ironic – fusion – layered decades mashed up clothing, more dogs, more little shops, more little restaurants. We still have more cute women though, sorry SF.

So yeah, back to work. More later.


lightspeedchick March 8, 2007

Love the Mission doggies and crêpes! Have fun Pat :)

Mat March 9, 2007

Hey Patrick,

Just curious as to the progress on getting a Montreal co-working space? Is something coalescing?


Dane March 9, 2007

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for coming to see us at WorkSpace. It was great talking to you. Come back any time!



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