• Widened circle of friends and acquaintances. Did better at the whole socializing “thing” in general.
  • Finally got the blog started 3-4 years after the first design for a personal site (I’m not kidding).
  • Left boring job.
  • Did way way way way less than I was supposed to with all the projects I have in mind.
  • Got to be a decent Ultimate player. Maybe even a bit more than decent.
  • Read more books than in 2002, watched less tv.


  • Keep doing that.
  • Keep it going.
  • Find new one or get ass moving with way more freelance work.
  • Get those projects off the ground asap.
  • Keep getting better.
  • Read even more, watch even less.
  • Make sure next new year’s I don’t bring the number of guests to an uneven total.
  • Start traveling again.
  • Cook more (yeah, like that’s gonna happen!)

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