• Widened circle of friends and acquaintances. Did better at the whole socializing “thing” in general.
  • Finally got the blog started 3-4 years after the first design for a personal site (I’m not kidding).
  • Left boring job.
  • Did way way way way less than I was supposed to with all the projects I have in mind.
  • Got to be a decent Ultimate player. Maybe even a bit more than decent.
  • Read more books than in 2002, watched less tv.


  • Keep doing that.
  • Keep it going.
  • Find new one or get ass moving with way more freelance work.
  • Get those projects off the ground asap.
  • Keep getting better.
  • Read even more, watch even less.
  • Make sure next new year’s I don’t bring the number of guests to an uneven total.
  • Start traveling again.
  • Cook more (yeah, like that’s gonna happen!)


Martine January 1, 2004

Item 2004, number 7:
Took me a while to understand what you meant. I guess it didn’t feel “uneven”, but that’s easy for me to say, I realize that.

Damn, if we lived in San Francisco I would have had so many amazing and good looking single gals to introduce to you! There was such a lack of good single guys there and you would have been the hottest item for sure! In Quebec it’s the opposite: I know a lot of fantastic guys who are single and that singlehood is still a mystery to me (not that there’s anything wrong or incomplete with singlehood, but hey québécoises, what’s up with all these good looking, stylish, smart and interesting single guys, when so many “not so great” guys are taken?).

lightspeedchick January 2, 2004

At the stroke of midnight I asked people what I should wish them for 2004. I had two cute thirtysomething chicks tell me “love”.

Next time I have a Halloween party, make sure you’re not sick! :)

Happy New Year.

Patrick January 2, 2004

Aaaaargh! The ghost of halloweens past still follows me!

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