Charlie’s Angels: Broken Throttle

What made the original Charlie’s Angels movie great fun was that it featured cute chicks kicking ass and not taking themselves seriously, references to the series and other movies plus a kind of James Bondish spy action thing happening.

As a lot of sequels, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle decided that taking everything to the next level would be a good idea. Not the case. The Angels still dont take themselves seriously but try too hard, ending up with a constant “Look at us, we dont take ourselves seriously” attitude. That’s the least of their problems, the references to other movies are so numerous and over the top it sometimes feels like Austin Powers which, to me, doesn’t fit with what I expect from them. The action is also way out there, who ever decided everyone fighting nowadays has superpower like abilities? Kicking people 20 feet away, making 3 revolutions in the air from a one handed hold or swinging down buildings looks good when you’re Neo or Peter Parker, not when you’re “real word” spy chicks. If you thought Pierce or Vin were doing some crazy stuff, think again, this one takes it further, out of the somewhat plausible into super hero “lets take on the X-men” territory.

Last thing, go see The Italian Job if you want to see car chases that look real, seems with current CG effects everyone thinks they can make a good one with shots from GT3. Again, not the case.