Car Dumbness

I rented a car today, had to meet a client too far out of metro range for my taste and some errands to run (is the Ikea parking ever not packed?), reserved a subcompact sunday, as usual they weren’t really checking or balancing stuff, just ballparking how many they’d have the next morning, then driving them in from other outlets, as needed. Anyway, because of that superb way of working, I got a gaz guzzling minivan instead of a subcompact. Fun to park too.

The minivan was an Uplander, funny thing is, I didn’t even have enough leg room! I’ve been in Civics and Minis, leg room excellent, I pushed back this huge thing’s driver’s side seat as far as it would go and it was still a bit too close. Nicely designed.


Steven Mansour February 20, 2006

Maybe you shoulda tried calling GM using the “Onstar” service to see if they can remotely back up your seat a few inches more… ;)

Patrick February 21, 2006

lol, not a bad idea!

Zeke February 21, 2006


One Word CommunAuto.

Patrick February 21, 2006

Two words: five hundred. That’s the deposit to become a member. Even though it’s refundable after a year, it’s still 500$ out of my pocket for a while instead of 3-4 rentals a year (at the very most) for 32$.

Even so, I’m planning to get a membership, but it’s not necessarily that good a deal for my needs. They also ask for 6-7 documents I haven’t had time to collect yet.

Blork February 22, 2006

The Uplander is more of an SUV than a minivan. The crazy thing is that the guy at the rental shop probably though you were happy about the free upgrade.

Martine and I once rented a subcompact for a trip to Ottawa and back. They gave us a monster SUV instead. We ended up paying more for gas than for the rental fee!

I’ll vouch for Communauto. It’s not great for overnight rentals, but for day (or partial day) rentals it’s brilliant. Since it is so easy to use, especially if you just need a car for an hour or two, you might find yourself using it more than you expect. There will be times when you wouldn’t rent a car because of the cost and the hassle, but the Communauto car will work perfectly.

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