BSG Webisode

The first webisode for Battlestar Galactica is up. There will be ten of those, leading up to season 3. They depict what went on between seasons 2 and 3. I’m of two minds with this, on the one hand I think it’s great that they are rethinking the show after only 2 seasons, more shows should do that.

However, I’m not all that enthused about the new direction. First of all, if feels weird, having been presented in the last twenty minutes of the season finale with the pasted-on beards and new aircuts, busted eyes, etc. Just seem like someone’s dream, not the new reality of the characters. I’m also not sure some kind of ground based resistance thing is going to be as good as the space faring version.

It’s probably going to be good anyway, judging by the level of the first 2 seasons, they know how to tell a story and I’m sure they’ll be back on the run but it might take half the season to get there.