Black(ish) Wednesday

Blackout Wednesday actually. Started with 2-3 hours of no electricity which could have been worse because I was supposed to be at the laundromat, wouldn’t it have been just lovely to have the power go out while the machines were full with wet clothes? Lazyness is good sometimes.

Almost exactly two hours after the power came back I was at a café with wifi access and said wifi went down. Huh, must be the router. Restart the router, nothing. The owner did a few things, nothing so I went back home and oh. crap. No internet here either, I expected it to come back quickly but no, blackout started at 2pm and got back sometime during the night. Very useful when you “work on” the internet, very. fucking. useful. What’s also fun is that you don’t know how far it spreads so where to go? Good side; went to the laundromat and got my accounting up to date.