Apple Stuff

Since the last post already mentioned Apple I might as well continue and tease those who like to call me an Apple freak (like that’s a bad thing!). Q3 numbers have been announced and there are a few interesting things to notice.

  1. iPod unit sales have almost cought up to Macs (860,000 to 876,000)
  2. Music based and iPod revenues are growing at almost 200%
  3. Powerbooks keep outpacing Powermacs (220,000 to 173,000)
  1. iBooks are about to do the same to iMacs and eMacs (240,000 to 243,000 although that will probably change when the new iMacs are announced end of August)

    To keep going with the sheering, new iPods are soon to be announced and new iMacs should follow a month later.

    One last thing; Jesse James Garret analysed the San Francisco Apple store and takes away six design lessons.