Anyone Wanna Give a Hand?

As has been announced “more officially” this week, we’re having a party March 19th. We’ve got a number of people preparing a few things but they all require some AV equipment. We need (in order from the one I can most easily get to the most problematic):

  • A Mac laptop.
  • Projector
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers

    Ideally it would come as a whole but I’m guessing the laptop will come from one place and the rest from another or maybe even laptop / projector / amplifier and speakers. Anyway, I’m looking for a friendly neighborhood volunteer to handle that (not the money, the time); look for a place to rent, get it the day before or on the day, bring it to Zeke’s and possibly give a hand with the install.

    Comment or email me. Thanks.


Alex March 4, 2005

Mac Laptop: J’ai ça! Philippe devrait m’avoir remis mon ancien d’ici le 19 alors je pourrais te le refiler.

Speakers: J’ai ça:

Est-ce suffisant? Je ne crois pas que ça «crache» assez pour un party de cet ampleur non?

Projecteur: j’en parle demain avec un gars pour voir s’il pourrait m’en avoir un.

Je serai à Québec (Mont Ste-Anne) en journée le 19 alors je ne pourrai pas aider pour l’installation mais je pourrais passer la veille et laisser mes trucs.

Alex March 4, 2005

oups. J’ai des speakers Harman Kardon SoundSticks avec le subwoofer… Le lien a pas passé!

Patrick March 6, 2005

Désolé pour la réponse lente, je n’était pas en ligne depuis. Pour la laptop et le projecteur c’est excellent. Thx. Pour les speakers on s’en reparle.

aj March 6, 2005

I think we’re going to need a slightly bigger soundsystem, unless someone else is handling something for the DJ portion of the evening.

Steve’s Music rents some inexpensive, small, all-in-one dual CD-players with DJ mixers and line-ins (for computers, ipods etc.)

and also self-powered speaker systems – I don’t know how big Zeke’s gallery is but I think we don’t need anything much louder than 200 w.

Patrick March 7, 2005

“small, all-in-one dual CD-players with DJ mixers and line-ins” do we need that???

aj March 7, 2005

Trust me – computer speakers are not going to be loud enough to be heard over a crowd of 30+ people, even though the HK Soundsticks can pump out the bass, the sticks themselves are very, very directional – they are designed to sit on a desktop and be aimed at your head, not fill a room – and the treble gets lost very easily. I know, because I used to use them in my studio!

Unless Zeke’s is the size of a living room, I would count on needing a slightly larger sound system with self-powered speakers that give wider dispersal. Steve’s has Peavey, JBL etc. units for rent plus subwoofers if we want / need it.

I recommend the combo DJ unit because it’s compact and cheap to rent, and if some people want to play DJ for the evening after the people doing the 5-songs-mix thing are done, there is flexibility to have two CD decks, plus a mix of ipods, laptops, whatever.

I speak from experience, nothing like organizing a party or show and then finding out at the last minute that some crucial piece of technology doesn’t have enough inputs / outputs / power, or being caught with the music running out too early…

Patrick March 7, 2005

Ah. Maybe I wasn’t clear but I never had computer speakers in mind.

We already have more than enough music planned so I don’t think we’ll need the dj thing but it sounds reasonable so I’ll keep that in mind. Unless you want to take care of it, which would be excellent ;)

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