Anyone Wanna Give a Hand?

As has been announced “more officially” this week, we’re having a party March 19th. We’ve got a number of people preparing a few things but they all require some AV equipment. We need (in order from the one I can most easily get to the most problematic):

  • A Mac laptop.
  • Projector
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers

    Ideally it would come as a whole but I’m guessing the laptop will come from one place and the rest from another or maybe even laptop / projector / amplifier and speakers. Anyway, I’m looking for a friendly neighborhood volunteer to handle that (not the money, the time); look for a place to rent, get it the day before or on the day, bring it to Zeke’s and possibly give a hand with the install.

    Comment or email me. Thanks.

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