Anyone Not Going To Paris?

First time I went to Paris years ago it was somewhat exceptional to others around me. Not super exceptional but not everyone had been and europe trips were somewhat rare and far in between. The passing of time, the changing of circle of friends and the changing of salaries has changed that quite a bit. In the last few and upcoming weeks (If I go back to the beginning of the year, I can add 4 more people):

  • Philippe, Nico and Christian all went to France and (I think) spent some time in Paris. Those 3 were born there though so that’s less a trend thing.
  • Caro was there a few weeks ago.
  • Seb and Valérie were just there.
  • Suze is going a few days before we are.
  • Dan comes back 4 day before we leave.
  • Laurent is there at the same time.
  • Hugh arrives the day we leave.
  • Carl is going in October.
  • [Update] MC and Chris are going in November
  • Luce is going in December.

    Extending a bit, Tara is in Rotterdam the day before we arrive and Julie and Boris are in London at the same time we’re on the old continent.

    So yes, I said “we”, no I’m not using the royal one, I’m going to europe with the CYW (Certain Young Woman). Flying in to Paris, train to Antwerp, then Rotterdam and back to Paris for 6 days. If you have activities to recommend, places to visit, etc., feel free to comment.

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