Another new look

Please reload if you dont see it. Like I mentionned before, you can use the style switcher at the bottom of the sidebar to use another style. Any bugs?

By the way, I made some changes a few days ago, this site now validates xhtml strict instead of transitional.


Alex August 4, 2003

i’ve been thinking of making the “switch” from transitional to strict. i learned everything i need to know about transitional and feel i am ready to tackle strict. how difficult is the transition (no pun intended)? I once tried to validate my site as strict and i couldn’t use the align attribute in a div element. how will I ever center my pictures…

amaruk August 5, 2003

For some reason the sidebar is way below (Starts when the main content ends), when viewed with Internet Explorer 6 under Virtual PC for Mac.

Laurent August 6, 2003

Je trouve ce nouveau style très réussi et élégant… Ça me donne même envie de revoir le mien.

Patrick August 6, 2003

Alex: It wasnt too bad actually, I had only 3 things to change:
– no border=”0″ on images, I had to put the border definition in css.
– some of my outside links had & in them, I replaced it with the special character code & amp ;
– the form for my search box needed to have a < p > tag surrounding it (which I find very weird)

As for the image align, if you wrap it in a div and give that div text-align: center; then the image will center but there might be something cleaner, I just havent searched for that yet since most of the images I’ve used lately have been backgrounds they are easy to center.

Amaruk: Thanks for the feedback, I’ll have it tested by someone directly on a PC but I havent heard anything from the “usual testers”, how wide was the window you were using?

Laurent: Merci beaucoup :).

Fanny August 6, 2003

The usual complainer has not experienced the aforementioned sidebar issue with the new design…

Patrick August 7, 2003

I did say tester, not complainer but thx Fanny ;)

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