And… We’re Open

That’s right, after months of preparation and years (!!) of talking about it, Montréal’s first coworking space is open. I’m writing this from my desk at Station C, looking out to what I think is a beautifully prepared space with 16 workspaces (10 are ready, other 6 next weekend), a kitchen, a lounge and 2 meeting rooms. If you want to have a look in person, drop us a line.

Now that we’re launched I’ll hopefully find a bit more time to post about what we have planned and some of the details of the process of setting up the space but for the moment two quick “lessons”.

Customer service sucks giant monkey balls. Holy hell are most people in box stores incompetent. I usually try to stay away from those places on principle but you pretty much have to go there for renos and electronics. Wow. Self service and self checkout would be more effective, even if I had to learn a new system for each place.

Networks are awesome. When I was looking for a first summer job I hated the “I know him, he got me in” type phrases that kept popping up but man, when you’re older you do realize how valuable knowing people and using your network can be. From getting pointed to the right outlet store for appliances and furniture where you save over 50% to espresso machine to help with assembly to a lead on a good great woodworker (Denis Proulx, email me for his contact info) to networking equipment to, of course, a super cool line up of members, networks are awesome.

Station C

Station C


Laurent LaSalle February 4, 2008

Nice! Congrats…

heri February 4, 2008


when is the party launch?

Mat February 4, 2008

place looks f-ing gorgeous man. nicely done.

wish i was still around to enjoy it…

Patrick February 4, 2008

Thx guys :)

Party: date to be set, probably end of month.

vanou February 4, 2008

C’est vraiment super!
J’adore le décor, si j’étais encore a Montréal et j’avais ma propre boite.
I would totally work there!

Robert Crecco February 4, 2008

Excellent office, lots of space.

Regards Robert

Yan February 4, 2008

Une tres belle idée. félicitation.

Seb February 4, 2008

Toutes mes félicitations cher Patrick!! Je viendrai faire mon tour!

MMM February 5, 2008

Congratulations and best of luck :)

zura February 5, 2008

Congratulations! It’s a beautiful space, surely able to inspire great works.

Patrick February 11, 2008

On a “ça”: qui fait très bien l’affaire :)

Merci tout le monde!!

Yves February 13, 2008

Bravo Patrick!
Longue vie à Station C!

Nous (projet-ecto) irons faire notre tour sous peu.

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