About Frickin’ Time

I’ve finally taken the time to build the site for the Yulzine Duality project I had mentioned. It’s 95% ready so I am now asking for three things:

  1. Photographers
  2. Writers
  1. Themes

    Comment on this entry or email me if you’re interested.

    [Update] J’allais oublier, c’est full bilingue donc les thèmes peuvent être dans les deux langues et les réponses (post) que vous allez faire sont dans la langue de votre choix.


mtl3p February 24, 2005

Hey Pat – what do you think about assigning one side (anglo or french) to one hotspot and the other to some other hotspot? You know that ISF could use come more RSS feeds.

Patrick February 24, 2005

An that is related to the post how?….

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