A Couple Of Things I need

There’s a couple of things I’m thinking of buying but I don’t what’s available and I don’t really feel like researching it. Or at least, I’d like to have a couple of pointers so I can then research further.

Memory Key

I’m pretty good on backups but I still think I need something else to store a few text files and various passwords. I was thinking memory stick. There’s also a software “kit” available that lets you install Firefox on it in both Windows and OSX versions, using the same bookmarks. I’d probably install that too. So the questions are; what’s the best/most interesting deal and do I have to look into something special if I want the thing to be super secure/encrypted or do I just use some kind of utility with OSX?

Audio Stuff

I have; vcr, Illico (digital cable from Videotron), little stereo system, Airport Express and a PS2. All of those are very old and well used so don’t come and rob me ;). (PS2 ain’t even here righ now)

The problem is that I like to have the sound from all of those coming out of the stereo system and, of course, I’ve run out of connections. Priority one is more room for the Airport Express so I can stream audio to it, priority two is the PS2. The vcr isn’t even connected to it itself but I only watch the very occasional taped tv show so it doesn’t matter.

So I’m looking for something, possibly a very basic stereo system, that offers loads of connections or some kind of media center oriented speaker set with amp or… something else. Needs to be pretty inexpensive and I’m no audiophile so it doesn’t need to be crazy ass sound wise and I don’t need a lot of speakers and surround and stuff because I won’t run the cables around the room anyway.

Any ideas?

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