6 More Of Battlestar Galactica

Ask and you shall receive. Seems the Sci-Fi channel will be ordering 6 more episodes of the excellent (but expensive) miniseries.

(Yes, I know, that’s the 3rd post in 10 days talking about BG. I’ll stop now)


aj January 22, 2004


At 6 eps, it’s enough to keep the quality high. Better a kick-ass miniseries than a 22-episode full season that has 1 really good episode for every 3 sucky ones. Hint hint, Messrs. Berman and Braga.

John January 24, 2004

Haven’t seen the show yet (I downloaded it last night from Suprnova.org) but by all accounts it looks promising.

I’m a big proponent of the less is more equation to TV series. The HBO stuff usually runs 13 episodes as does most British television and those are the shows people remember because the quality stays high. Hopefully BG will maintain that quality.

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