24 hours of Flickr, Montréal

Flickr is coming to Montréal! To promote / celebrate their 24 hours of Flickr they are holding events in four cities including Montréal, should be a fun party, make sure to register on Upcoming, I believe entries are going to be limited by the space. Also have a look at who’s already registered; a number of Flickrites are coming to town, like Heather, Aaron (two founders of Yulblog btw) and George.


Martine May 25, 2007

Zut, c’est le pire weekend possible, celui de la St-Jean Baptiste. Je ne serai pas en ville, comme bien du monde… :-(

Ella May 25, 2007

grr, don’t wanna have to register boo. Still, sounds pretty fun.

Patrick May 25, 2007


Antoine May 25, 2007

Hoo yes, merci pour l’info!

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