2007 The Year Of Bond

I understand that by releasing Casino Royale end of November they want to be there for the holidays but I’m very surprised they didn’t wait a couple more months and make 2007 “The Year Of Bond”, come on, talk about opportunity missed! Especially since they are

resetting” the series with a new Bond and a new direction. They could have made two, like The Matrix 2 and 3, release them beginning and end of 2007, have different Bonds, etc. It will be a thousand year before they get this chance again and they miss it???


aj November 4, 2006

A series Bond with a cliffhanger ending between films would be new for them, but I wonder if the purists wouldn’t object to further tinkering with the formula. I’d be all for it, if they’re aiming for a total reimagining of things then they should feel free to take risks. It would be interesting to see them develop more in-series continuity, much as they’ve done with the Bourne films; the adventures are different but the backdrop of institutions, characters emotional background, personal history etc. is consistent. The old series seemed to throw things out as often as it would invent new things (retconning).

Patrick November 5, 2006

All true, the Bourne series is a good example. My thing really is with the 2007 though, I mean 2×007, 2007, two 007 movies!! How could you not use that?

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