You gotta be kidding me. The next Amazing Race is a “family edition”. Bleh. The site itself, bleh. It’s either gonna be super boring because they’re going to have lame ass roadblocks, what with 9 year olds in there. Or the teams with young kids are just going to get run over and be out quick. Can you find interesting teams? Not really.

If the Linzeses (Linzyz, Linzzzs, whatever) have half a brain between the 4 of them they have a good chance. Then Bransens might be fun to look at and the dad doesn’t look like too much of a louch. It’s pretty easy, the parents that have a chance lose them with young kids and the ones that have kids who could win look fat and slow. Oh, the Shroeders don’t look too bad either.

So, in the spirit of Blink which I am currently reading and is all about impressions/decisions made in the blink of an eye. My top 3, just looking at the pics:

  1. Linz
  2. Bransen
  1. Shroeder

    Wildcard: Aiello if Tony can run a bit.


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Matthieu August 23, 2005

My top 3:

1. Shroeder
2. Aiello
3. Branson

And, funny thing: the only black family on the show is the Black family.

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