For someone who as talked so much about the lack of WiFi in these parts I have to admit I dont know all that much about it. I’ve bought an Airport card (and that’s also when I saw the more recent very white iBooks, so glad I have the older greyish/transparent version!) and installed it, in the next few days I will be going to the couple of places where I know a network is accessible. I intend to use MacStumbler and I already have an OSX included firewall working. Nothing is set for sharing on Rendez-Vous. Anything else I should do to avoid unwanted visitors in my files? (I guess it’s not any more dangerous than my normal cable connection but might as well ask and use the occasion to make changes if necessary.)


Boris May 22, 2003

Sounds like you’re good to go! Enjoy. :)

Patrick May 22, 2003

Actually, since that post I’ve found a wireless network at home! It’s a weak signal and password protected though. Any way to contact network “admins” who’s network you find?

mare May 26, 2003

Just have your Mac Personal file sharing protected with a password will probably be enough. You could set the firewall to only enable the ports you want.

But *theoretically* anybody can decrypt your WiFi signals.

My (open) WiFi Network is probably just out of range (north of the tracks near Beaubien) for you.

Patrick May 27, 2003

Personnal file sharing is completely deactivated so I should be fine. Firewall is configured to block most everything. I do sometimes get a signal from somewhere close to home but too faint and it is password protected.

Thanks for the tips :)

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