What The…

I’m at Laïka, there’s a bunch of guys at a table in the other corner, they are talking about RSS, web apps, platforms, etc. and…. I don’t know any of them! What the hell? I’m freaking out! ;)


aj February 15, 2006

It’s like Elaine’s other friends who are like the bizarro Jerry, Kramer and George…

Zeke February 15, 2006


Don’t freak, Laika doesn’t sound to me like it is the place for meetings anymore. Sorta like the line from Yogi Berra; Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded. Or if you want it translated for web 2.0 Laika’s jumped the shark.

mtl3p February 15, 2006


gotta disagree with you in regards to laika, zeke. but maybe that just means that I’m not one of the cool kids ;-)

Julie February 18, 2006

So did you walk over and present yourself? ;)

Patrick February 19, 2006

They all had Dells and one was wearing a Microsoft tshirt so no. :-p

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