Venturi Electric Sports Car

The Fetish

Where public opinion considers an electric vehicle to be ugly, Fétish is the first electric car to be beautiful and desirable. Where public opinion believes that an electric car lacks performance, Fétish offers a remarkable acceleration and a maximum speed of 170 Km/h, well above the maximum speed limit.

Finally, where electric cars are thought to seriously lack autonomy, the Fétish offers 350 Km of autonomy and a rapid battery recharge (with 80 Amps) of 1,6 Km a minute or 10 minutes recharge for every 16 Km, easily covering the needs of daily urban transport.


mir October 5, 2004

wow that looks really key considering the discussion today about sponsorship at le folie, I really think ISF is sitting on a gold mine and if we don’t do something about it someone will just beat us to the punch, we can make it nice…

ps: I agree with you about the conferences too, I wish I had more cash I would go and sit at the feet of my idols, but the feet cost like $2000 that’s too much.

mir October 5, 2004

darn, I am tired… the venturi sports car is not key to marketing ISF and never was. I was actually writing about the wired article but it’s been a really long day…

sorry to mess up your threads.

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