Trailer for the live action version of Thunderbirds. I don’t know why exactly but I have a bad feeling about this one.

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aj December 11, 2003

Much more info and stills over at Lady Penelope’s limo looks rather swish. Really, really BAD Flash interface though :/

Jonathan Frakes is a competent director (he did the semi-hit Clockstoppers the other year) but it remains to be seen if he can keep the camp level up. I would’ve picked Bryan Singer to do it….

There’s actually a live stage show in the UK called Thunderbirds: FAB – the ships are “played” by actors in International Rescue uniforms with giant ships on their heads :) Guest starring Captain Scarlet!

Can’t say I agree with the casting: this guy has a much better idea. Giovanni Ribisi as Brains? Genius!

What next- the return of Space:1999?

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