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Another new month another YULBLog meeting. This wednesday 20h00 at La Cabane. This month I didn’t do much new blog reading but last time the invitations worked well so for this one let’s refresh the standing invite to the founders and hope they return: Mikel, Ed and Aaron (who has been around much more recently), hope to see you there.

Aussi cette semaine, comme l’habitude, Kino dcembre, des petits films trippants dans une ambiance sympathique.


Nika Vee September 30, 2003

How do you recognize each other at the meetings?

Patrick September 30, 2003

I guess you’re talking about YULBlog? There is normally some kind of cow placed somewhere visible, usually it’s Steph’s little stuffed finger puppet cow sitting on a partition wall.

Every time I’ve gone we were sitting in the same spot; there are two doors to La Cabane, when standing in front if you come in through the left one we are right there, the group with a bunch of tables pushed together, pretty easy to spot. Hope you can make it, we’ve had newbies each of the last couple of months, would be nice to keep the streak going.

Alex September 30, 2003

I see you’re reading Balzac! I’d love to spark a discussion on that guy! O, some literature, I tell ya! Unfortunately classes are keeping me from outing downtown lately! So I won’t be able to make it tommorow. But I’ll keep him in mind and re-read Le Pere Goriot so we can discuss some literature next next time! I don’t know nothing about it though, it might be fun. See, i just noticed you capitalized almost all the letters of that book title, tsk tsk, it’s French! And you know Roger Avary is making Glamorama into a movie.

Patrick October 1, 2003

Nope, not reading Balzac, I read Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse chinoise which was written by Sijie Dai, takes place in China and refers to young people reading Balzac, well part of the story anyway. Never got around to reading any Balzac, I’m kind of behind on my french classics. Maybe by next YULBlog, who knows?

Glamorama: I did know that before reading the book but had forgotten about it, now that I have read it I’m trying to figure out how it can be done, sometimes it seems written specifically to be adapted while in others on the contrary it seems like it’s made to be impossible to fit in a movie. Maybe Avary will give more details on his weblog which reads exactly like… a weblog. Not at all like a p.r. thing. It’s the third time I find it, the first two he seemed in posting lulls so I hadn’t bookmarked it but he seems to be writting now.

Patrick October 1, 2003

I knew I was forgetting something! Alex, I used the same capitalization as they do on the book itself, I figured they must know what they’re doing ;)

Nika October 2, 2003

Hey Patrick, didn’t make it to La Cabane yesterday. Next month fer shure.
What sort of fun did I miss?

Patrick October 2, 2003

Nothing earth shattering, good discussions, laughs, beer. Nice way to spend a few hours. Always fun to say the variety of things discussed.

Ed December 8, 2003

Sorry, was stuck (and still am) in the end of semester rush. Will try again for January! :)


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