There are so many ways a book can be in the world

Robin Sloan in his newsletter, writing about some of the fantastic ways his writing has been remixed. I loved these two quotes.

There are so many ways a book can be in the world, so many things it can become. A meal. A play performed once and only once by a crew of irrepressible young actors! To imagine that every book must become a Netflix show doesn’t imagine enough, and, frankly, it serves Netflix far more than it serves readers, or writers, or witches.


A record can play in an empty room; a Netflix show can stream while its presumed viewers are otherwise absorbed by their phones. Words, however, cannot do anything without a reader. This is the great consolation, and the great confidence, of writing: that these words I’m typing (now) are being reanimated in a living mind (now).


Source: ☄️ Week 33, add oil | ☄️ Week 33, add oil