The Web Is Fifteen

Today is the web’s fifteenth anniversary, which you’ve probably seen on hundreds of blogs already but hey, it’s my “workplace” so I figure I have to post this.

Looking at the timeline, I realise that I have to lookup some archived stuff, I’ve been saying that I started coding webpages in 96 but seeing some of the milestones, looks like it was before then, incredibly enough I seem to have “done a Bush” on myself, repeating something until it becomes true. 96 is the year I list on my cv as the beginning of my (part-time) freelancing but it came to mean the start while obviously, I would have learned coding before charging someone for it.

I’m surprised I don’t better remember something that turned out to be so important in my life but there it is, I have to research when I started coding html. Based on when the first version of Netscape came out, I think end of 94.

Oups, kind of went off course there, so yeah, happy birthday web!