The Design Disease

I’m not a “real” designer so mine is only a mild case but I certainly suffer from The Design Disease. For one thing there are a number of websites/blogs I’m sure are interesting but they annoy me too much visually to let me read them. Also, a lot of the books I read are well designed because they’re the ones I notice on shelves.


Suzanne January 27, 2007

Hee Hee. I hate to say it, but when cleaning out my bookshelf and deciding what to get rid of, I am much more harsh on the ugly / visually uninteresting books (unless it’s a really good read).

That disease pretty much started for me in university (design school does that to you), and rears it’s head in oh so many ways:

  • buying something ONLY for the (very well designed) packaging. same goes for books sometimes.
  • being caught staring at (almost touching) someone’s shirt to check out the very cool details, or see what the fabric is
  • being happy that your desk at work doesn’t face your other 3 colleagues in the same cubicle because the way they arrange their things on their desk is a design disaster

I could go on, but you get the picture.

I’m definitely in stage IV of the disease. But as I hate smug designers (though sometimes I appreciate their work ;) )I try not to impose the habits of my disease on others. After all, not everyone sees life through design-coloured glasses!

Patrick January 27, 2007

Hehehe. You’re worse than I am :-p

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