Textpattern Update

Updating my installation of Textpattern from an ooooooold version. Things will be flaky for a few hours, hopefully less.

[Later] Seems to be fine. If there’s a problem please comment. (I know the photolog isn’t there anymore, that’s on purpose)

Also, by default Textpattern includes the number of comments in the RSS feed which means everytime there is a new comment on an entry the entry shows up again in the feed. Some people like it because they can follow conversations, others don’t because it’s a pain when there are a lot of comments. With the version I just installed that comment inclusion is optional. Your opinion, do I keep them or not?


Antoine August 9, 2005

Two small problem Houston.

Where are the RSS? And also, this text box is pretty small now.

Patrick August 9, 2005

The RSS links were always at the very bottom but you’re right, they weren’t auto-discoverable.

I’ve enlarged the message box.

aj August 9, 2005

I’m of two minds about the comment # inclusion in the feed, it shows up again and again. I guess it shows what’s a hot topic, but it can potentially clutter a reader with duplicates. It would be interesting if there was a standard mechanism that rss readers could use that would merely update the existing article without adding a duplicate.

Patrick August 9, 2005

Duplicate? Are you saying you see commented entries twice? Once with the number and once without? Because that’s not what’s in the code.

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