STM Mobile

Teh awesome; an iPhone app that provides STM (public transport) times and lines. STM Mobile.


Martin Dufort July 30, 2008

Patrick: Do you know which firm or individual created this application ?

If so, please put me in contact.


Patrick July 30, 2008

The only info I have is on the website (through bug report), never heard of him before.

Roberto Rocha July 31, 2008

A pretty decent independent site for STM schedules has existed for some time now: It works great, but this app looks even better.

Alexandre July 31, 2008

Yeah, no info about Ian Cloutier’s Direction Films on the homepage.
The app is pretty slick. Several advantages over the Web app, including offline access to some data (nice for iPod touch owners or for when you’re in the metro). And since it gives the 5-digit code for each stop, it can be used in parallel with a phone (if you’re outside the metro).
Obviously, a lot more could be done for a transit system app, but this first app for the STM is inexpensive and useful.
Some items on my personal wishlist:
* Offline access to bus schedules.
* Use the positioning system to indicate nearby stops.
* Directions to at least some points of interest (if not full-fledged «Tous Azimuts» or Google Maps).
* Information about the STM more generally (fares, rules, etc.).
* Full transit map.
* Service updates during outages.

There’s a neat little «Metro» app on the Palm OS which has data for a lot of transit systems around the world. It has less route info than this STM Mobile app, but it’s really useful when you go spend time in another city.

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