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If I know my readers any, I’d have to say I’m not expecting a whole lot of answers but hey, you guys might surprise me so here goes.

  1. NFL and NHL seasons are in the works and will start in the next couple of months. Do you know any good blogs on either of the two?
  1. I’d be interested in joining a pool for either sport, mostly for football. Be forwarned, I’ve won recent years at the same rythm as the Pats ;)


Michael August 20, 2005

What kind of pool are you looking for?

As far as the NHL is concerned, I have run a super-simple straight scoring pool for about 7 or 8 years. We have about 10-12 members and each person picks 10 players and I enter it all on a website so you can track it easily. Usually in December we have a re-draft where you can throw one player back and pick someone new. It’s a $20 buy-in and the winner gets the bulk of the money at the end of the year. Then we do a playoff version.

John August 20, 2005

As far as NHL blogs are concerned, I’ve used to be a regular reader of The Hockey Pundits prior to the lock out. It’s a Canadian-based site. They’re usually pretty good and slightly snarky. Plus there’s a sidebar of other hockey blogs.

As for the NFL, what is this “foot” ball you speak of? Also, Hank Williams Jr. would like to know if you are ready for some of it.

Patrick August 20, 2005

Michael: Sounds interesting, altough I’m looking for something similar to the Yahoo ones where there are a number of trades during the season.

John: Thanks for the pointer. (Pundits)

Michael August 20, 2005

Oh so more of a fantasy league then.

I play some games at Sandbox (it’s a pay site though) and I could start an NHL points league if you were interested. We’d need to find about 10 people total – but I could bring probably 3 or 4 from other games I play.

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