Sophomore Slump

In music they have it, many artist’s second album isn’t as popular. Many athletes slow down on their second year. I don’t know if it happens on the second year specifically but most bloggers slow down or stop for a while at least once in their “career”. That’s what’s been happening to me for the last few weeks, a lot less posts than I was used to making, mostly because there just doesn’t seem to be all that many things I’m interested in posting but also because I’ve been busier in that period than I had been in the preceding months. As a consequence, my hits are roughly a third what they were at the beginning of the month. No big problem, I don’t think I’ve lost all that many readers, they probably just drop by every 3-4 days instead of every day or two.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to talk about having nothing to talk about but Michael seems to be going through something similar and I thought he was saying some interesting stuff that applies to me too. Subjects dropped, subjects overused, etc. So, a little “state of the blog”, mostly for myself, maybe I’ll think of something while writing this and get out of the slump.

  • Book reviews. I originally thought it would be the main part of the site but I rarely do them, mostly because I don’t really analyse books as I read them, I appreciate or not, I laugh or think. They sometimes remind me of others, I talk about them with friends but somehow I don’t write about them. Huh. I’ll try to write more.
  • Blogging. I still post about the “medium” once in a while but I’ve mostly given it up. I love the whole thing more than ever and I still read a lot about what’s going on but there’s so much talk already going on I usually stop mid post and hit cancel, feeling there’s no reason to add more to the chatter.
  • Movies. I post a lot of links about the movies but not many reviews. I don’t think that will change, especially since I’m seeing fewer movies than ever.
  • Webtech, standards, webdesign. See blogging.
  • Design. I post quite a few design links, almost started a blog about the subject. I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge about it but I have a decent eye I think so it was going to be a “learning about design” thing. I’ll try to incorporate that in this blog instead.
  • I thought I’d post about technology and gadgets a lot but it ended up being a secondary subject. Will probably stay the same.
  • Personal stuff. Nope. Didn’t think I’d write them and I haven’t, except for a few exceptions. Sorry N. ;-p
  • Funny, quirky things to discuss. They usually get the most comments which is fun but the volume of those will stay the same I think.

    Well, didn’t work, I haven’t realized anything writing this. No revelation (big surprise!). If there’s a type of post you’ve especially liked or something you’d like me to talk about more, don’t hesitate to comment or talk to me at yulblog. Which is next wednesday by the way so come one come all.