Some Changes

I’ve made a few changes to the look of the default design (named minimal in the sidebar switcher), mainly adding details and some color but there’s also a little pointer effect in the sidebar. So far it lines up perfectly in all 3 Mac browsers I have but I’m expecting some potential problems on IE for Windows, if you see anything weird please comment or email. Thx.

[Later] Went further with the changes so it’s more than a few but still an evolution from the previous.

[Next day] Well thanks to a screenshot by aj I can see that parts of it look like crap in IE 6, itself a stinking pile of said crap. Fix upcoming.

[A couple more hours later] Found the bug and solution. Ahhhh no design would be complete without at least one IE bug.


lightspeedchick November 10, 2003

C’est beaucoup mieux (minimal), mais moi je continue à utiliser grey :)

Alex November 10, 2003

moi j’utilise fall.

Patrick November 11, 2003

Interesting, that’s my least favorite.

Boris November 17, 2003

Excellent travail Patrick!! Wow!!

Coupla small things I don’t like, but overall, great job!

Patrick November 18, 2003

Thanks! And the small things would be….

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