September Movies

I’m looking forward to two completely different movies coming out next September. Step Into Liquid is a surfing documentary that looks like it’s got some awesome footage. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward more to the technically incredible things they are doing with cameras or the crazy stunts the surfer dudes and dudettes are pulling. If you look closely at the trailer you will notice a few frames of a Foilsurfing Board, which looks insane. I dont have a release date for Montréal but it’s spreading to various cities in the US this August so September is probably a good guess.

On a completely different register, the return of Scuzz movies* with Once Upon a Time in Mexico from Robert Rodriguez, it’s the last installment of the trilogy started with El Mariachi and followed with Desperado. Guns, more guns, crazy stunts, impossible moves. Violent Fun. Coming out September 12th.

*Not a scuzz flick per se but it does fit my view of the genre.


aj August 21, 2003

Ever seen Dogtown and Z-Boys? It’s a great little documentary (lots of archival footage) about the rise of skateboarding as we know it today from a surfing team in California.

Martine August 21, 2003

Oooh, awesome! I can’t wait! It truly looks amazing. I have this thing for surf movies; I don’t know that I’ll ever understand what they do to me and I have a feeling this one will be no exception.

On a very different note, if you haven’t seen Capturing the Friedmans, run to go see it! It’s a fascinating documentary, one that will force you to question a lot of things about objectivity, journalism and the legal system.

Patrick August 21, 2003

aj: Havent seen it but I’ve heard of it. Do you know if it’s on video? Skateboard doesnt hold quite the same attraction as surfing though.

Martine: Friedmans, noted. I think I have the same “problem” with surf movies :)

aj August 22, 2003

It is on DVD and video, we rented it at our local shop. I’m sure Super Club Videotron has it.

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